Bigger kid now than when I was young

Over the past 12 months at work, we’ve had multiple dress up days, some adhoc and last minute which I’ve not really got involved in due to other commitments or lack of time. However for Halloween 08, Red nose day 08,  Halloween 09 and Children in need 09 – I made an effort, an ever increasing effort as well if I do say so myself 🙂

I seem to enjoy the whole planning what to dress up as, sourcing the stuff, making the outfit and then seeing the results. So here we go so far:

Halloween 08:
Admittedly I didn’t make this one, it was borrowed from a friend who did make it so it sort of counts. Jedi Knight
Jedi knight

Red nose day 08
Me dressed as pool table, red face for the top ball just to fit it into the Red nose day theme.
Pool table

Halloween 09
I was a bit ill for this one but I still think it’s an improvement on the pool table.

Finally – Children in need 09
Out of 100 or so staff, our team was the only ones to dress up. Me as Hellboy:

Now the whole team including our cheerleader:
From left to right: Iron man, Popeye, Hulk, Hellboy and the cheerleader
Our Children in Need Team :)
Hellboy is going to take some beating but I have a few ideas – my next one isn’t something a lot of people either remember, or know due to the age – I like it though and it will be a challenge that’s for sure 🙂


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