LibreNMS API release

So work has been going on in the background for a while now to bring an API to LibreNMS that would be more usable and useful than what was available in it’s previous incarnation. Paul has blogged a few times over on the LibreNMS blog with how the development has been going and the functionality that we were looking at introducing.

Before hand, grabbing data or graphs from LibreNMS would have meant enabling unauthenticated graphs so you would have to control access via iptables or a firewall or if you wanted data, then directly querying the MySQL database. Thankfully that’s no longer the case (well, not for certain features anyway, many more need to be written now to get the API upto scratch), with version 0 being launched around 5 days ago. If you need this feature and you don’t have auto-updates enabled then please update your LibreNMS install so you can start taking advantage of it.

If you would like to contribute and add more functionality then please have a read of the following links:

Overtime we expect the API development to get to a stage where it will move to a v1 release. Until then it should be considered beta. We won’t be making changes that break the routes used unless really necessary, most of the changes should be minor tweaks, new routes and ensuring we are following best practice for APIs.

Go forth and integrate 🙂


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