Automated deployment using Subversion

It’s always nice to see something you have spent time developing being used in production. A while ago I read an excellent blog post from Timothy Fitz called Continuous Deployment at IMVU: Doing the impossible fifty times a day, that got me started on trying to improve the way we deploy our websites at UKFast […]

Share – Part Two

Well it seems that the most popular post on my blog is this one so I thought it deserved a bit of a follow up post. I’ve just spent part of this evening re-organising my domain name and one of my old blogs to import all of the old posts into the current blog incarnation. […]


Network Monitoring System – Demo

Well since the post I made about Alternative Nagios software generated a bit of interest (well, one comment is a bit for this blog :)),ย  it made me want to try out the software mentioned again to see how it fairs against Nagios which has been my monitoring software of choice for a considerable amount […]


How far should companies go for end to end security?

For instance, your business is hosting your corporate website with a hosting company, the vetting process for this decision can be quite intense depending on the size of your company but obviously now concentrates on security amongst the service itself. However, security for your application doesn’t just stop at the hosting company, it goes much […]


Taxis in NY

Taxis in NY Originally uploaded by neil.lathwood Decided to spend a bit of time messing around with some of the photo’s from my recent trip to the states, first attempt but, I like ๐Ÿ™‚

Share – DO NOT USE

Customer service skills in this country are pretty hard to find sometimes, especially for online companies where the face of that company could be an email address! Well, for those who go off recomendations when deciding to use a new company, here’s one to avoid – This is my story of why. On the […]


Manchester 10k – Sponsor me!

As you may or may not know, I’m taking part in the Manchester 10k run later this month. I’ve nominated the Charity Edward’s Trust: to run for. Details about what they do can be found on the website. If you would like to sponsor me then fire a paypal donation my way to <removed>ย and […]


Internet World 08

I’ll be down at the internet world show next week exhibiting on behalf of the company I work for – If you were planning to come down anyway then come and say hi, if you weren’t why not pop in and say hi. We’re on stand E142 and should have a pretty decent setup […]


Should you outsource your support abroad?

I’ve never been a big fan of companies outsourcing any part of their business to a foreign company to save money.ย  The bad press it has generated since it became popular to do has been quite substantial but it hasn’t put companies off doing it to save money – and lose business. I mean, is […]